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Tech Visionary & Founder of Nourish +
Bloom Market (Featured on Shark Tank)

Jilea Hemmings, named one of the 25 Most Influential & Prominent Black Women in Business and a SXSW Release It finalist, is a visionary entrepreneur tackling food deserts with autonomous grocery technology. Her pioneering approach in the Retail Technology industry addresses food insecurity, establishing her as a leader in making a positive impact on communities lacking access to healthy food options. Beyond business development, Jilea's program, I am Kid Boss, offers inner-city kids mentorship and tools to start successful companies, while her Nourish + Bloom Foundation focuses on STEM education and career development in retail technology.

As an advocate for diversity and inclusion, Jilea promotes the important role of women in technology, believing that no boundaries—class, race, or gender—should hinder entrepreneurial endeavors fueled by purpose, passion, and talents. Additionally, Jilea hosts three podcast series: The Untold Truth with Jilea Hemmings shares life, business, health, and wealth lessons, The Green Nyle Podcast shares stories of healing through cannabis, and Tender Heads Matter focuses on managing hair care regimens with sensitive scalps.

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